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The faculty of Automobile Technology has a system of modern practice rooms and laboratories with an area of over 4,000 m2 that meets the training requirements of all levels of automotive engineering technology and scientific research, including :

- 03 conference rooms.

- 01 motor vehicle technical testing and inspection center.

- 01 Engine laboratory.

- 01 automotive electrical system laboratory.

- 01 automotive chassis laboratory.

- 15 practice rooms specialized in repairing Machines - Undercarriages - automotive electricity.

- 01 Center for training car body repairmen according to international standards with technical support from Toyota Vietnam.

- Seminars are regularly held to exchange professional experiences, transfer technology and modern equipment for training and scientific research with experts from companies in the field of automotive technology. Therefore, learners always have the opportunities to use modern equipment, and timely update advanced technologies, have a favorable environment to do scientific research.

- Lecturers and students in the faculty are very active and creative. They created dozens of models of learning tools of all kinds for training purposes, some models manufactured by the Faculty have won high prizes in the exhibition of the self-made teaching models in the country;

- The Faculty of Automotive Technology has relationships with more than 40 companies; factories and auto repair shops so that students have the opportunity to visit and practice to improve their qualifications.

- Teaching materials including hundreds of textbooks, specialized documents, and reference materials are always updated.